NAMURA NA-50091-C PISTON KIT +.02MM 2014-2019 POLARIS RZR 4 1000 98mm

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Why replace your cylinder when you can replace the piston for a fraction of the cost and time? Namura offers direct replacements for the original equipment as well as hi-compression and a variety of oversizes to meet your ride?s needs. They are available in 0.25mm increments, from the -1 (0.25mm) through the -8 (2mm) oversize. We also carry B (0.01mm) and C (0.02mm) oversizes which help extend the life of your expensive coated cylinders; a selection of big bore piston kits is available for some applications. Combine this with the MOS2 coating and hard anodizing, Namura gives you a higher performance piston without the higher price.

Namura piston kits come with the piston individually wrapped; a set of OEM quality rings packed in their own box, a wrist pin, and circlips.

MOS2 (Teflon/Molybdenum) Coated Skirts
A rolled-on application process provides a bond that is 10 times stronger than other spray on coatings. Benefits include increased heat transfer, reduced friction, and helping to eliminate cold seizures.

Machined Smooth Heads
Reflects combustion heat and reduces carbon buildup, protecting the top of the piston. Some tests have shown this feature can increase horsepower and fuel economy by up to 6%.

Anodized Domes
Increases heat resistance and durability; pistons with anodized domes are 75% stronger than non-anodized pistons.

Hypereutectic Casting Process
Provides higher silicon content for reduced expansion rates and additional wear resistance; it also has the ability to withstand higher cylinder temperatures.

2016-19  ACE 900 Twin Cylinder
2013-19  Ranger XP 900 Crew Twin Cylinder
2015-19 RZR 4 900
2016-19 General 1000
2017-19 Ranger XP 1000 and XP Crew
2018-19 RZR 1000 (ALL)
2014-19 Scrambler 1000 XP
2016-19 Sportsman 1000

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