Pro-X Racing 01.2909.A Piston Kit for 2008-14 Yamaha FX / FZ Models - 85.95mm

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Pro-X Racing Parts Piston Kit

IMPORTANT NOTICEPiston components/kits are subject to Size AND Fitment Specificity; you NEED TO MEASURE YOUR CYLINDER BEFORE ORDERING. If you use the wrong size piston/piston rings, you will damage your cylinder and we will not be liable. Return will NOT be accepted.

Part Number: 01.2909.A
Piston Size: 85.95mm

  • ProX pistons are precision machined on the latest, state-of-the-art CNC equipment.
  • The same low-expansion, low-friction piston alloy is used as is used for all major Japanese engine manufacturers.
  • ProX Piston Kits are a first-class solution to replace the original piston in your Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped, ATV, Personal Watercraft, etc.

Our OEM style Tin coated pistons assist the wear-in process when you just started the bike. We have developed a new skirt coating that not only assists the wear in the process but also helps reduce friction after they wear in. The black coating is made from a delicate mix of materials and will increase performance. The latest cylinders are plated by a Nicasil plating.

2008-14 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO
2008-14 Yamaha FX SHO
2009-13 Yamaha FZR
2009-13 Yamaha FZS

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