Pro-X Racing Crankshaft Bearing Kit for 1987-01 Kawasaki KX250 - 23.CBS43087

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Pro-X Racing Crankshaft Bearing & Seal Kit

Part Number: 23.CBS43087

  • Manufactured by the leading OEM factories
  • Made to exact OEM specifications to offer maximum performance and durability
  • Can be used with all other ProX or OEM crankshaft related products
  • Reliable performance because of a complete replacement
  • The best choice and replacement for every professional user

ProX offers a wide range of crankshaft bearing of well-known brands like Koyo, NTN, etc in C3 and C4 graduations. These high-quality bearings will fit perfectly to OEM and aftermarket crankshafts. ProX crankshaft bearings are manufactured at leading OEM factories, mainly in Japan. All bearings are made to exact OEM specifications, to ensure maximum quality and performance. ProX uses respected brands like Koyo & NTN to ensure quality. These brands are used by OEM brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and KTM. ProX bearings offer high durability. Take the easy route: ProX Crankshaft Bearing & Seal Kits offer you reliability and carefree driving. The sets contain all parts you need for rebuilding your crankshaft and can be used in combination with all other ProX or OEM crankshaft related products. Next to the high-quality ProX connecting rod kits the Crankshaft Bearing & Seal Kits are completing the crankshaft parts program.